What Dreams are Made Of

Aren’t dreams supposed to be light, transparent, intangible? I have, even more in recent weeks, come to the realization that what actually dreams are made of is blood, sweat and tears. When a dream has a substance, when it wants to come to life it becomes heavy and hot like cast iron in your veins. It spreads like mercury inside your brain. You cannot sleep. You cannot think clearly. You are obsessed and every single atom of your body is determined to try the impossible.

I want to prove myself I cannot make it. That’s all. Otherwise I am going to regret and wonder for the rest of my time what would have happened if I tried.

I’ve been back to my thought from the past: ‘Sometimes when you really, really want something, from the depth of your heart… nothing happens.


Recently I’ve been dedicating more time to my Naive Paintings Art page which can be visited by clicking here. I’ve taken a decision to go by my own name rather than the pseudonym ‘Marie Muller’ used previously. I do feel it better represents my artworks as me and my creations are one – my thoughts, ideas, imaginary worlds – transferred in colours come to existence because of the journey I’ve been on and because of you who have been here to support, inspire and encourage me to be truly myself. Thank you.

I am currently taking part in the ‘Unwrapped’ exhibition at The Gallery – Kenilworth. On display would be artworks that are bold, contemporary and perhaps a little bit quirky. You would have the chance to see ‘Mermaid With a Golden Fish‘ (on public display for a first time), ‘The Golden Girl‘ and ‘Madonna With a Black Cat‘. The address of the gallery is 7 Smalley Place, Kenilworth, CV8 1QG. The exhibition would be open from 4pm to 11pm Monday-Thursday and 4pm to 12 midnight Friday-Saturday. If you get the chance to visit, feel free to share your impressions, would love to hear.

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