Huh-what? #Hygge seems to be the trend word for ‘cosy-ness’ for 2017 and I find that quite charming. The concept as such is not new, it’s a modernised hedonistic approach to life, but it’s interesting to see how it has now surfaced through this ‘hug-sounding’ word and its Danish roots. It’s just the right time as well – we might have become too consumed in the hustle and bustle of everyday schedules and forgotten to appreciate what we’ve got and that we can allow ourselves time to truly appreciate the ‘little things’. What I find wonderful about the #hygge is also the fact that is may be something very different for each one of us but the common is the warmth that it brings in your everyday life. It’s a spiritual experience – the small rituals we have such as coffee-making or sofa-snuggling or cookie baking or your free-time activities that fill your whole being with lightness.

In the last couple of years I used to make a long list of New Year Resolutions. A list which was sometimes fulfilled and sometimes not even halved. But maybe this year I want to focus more on the ‘spiritual’ rather than ‘practical’ side of achievements and promise myself to pay more attention to the things that make me and the people around me happy and fulfilled. Of course achievements as such can have both dimensions – the satisfaction of the result and the feeling it brings. What I want to see more of is the realization that you do not have to be a winner at all means as you can measure success by what you’ve gained from the experience rather than the practicality of it.

Below is my ‘thought-on-the-spot’ list of #hygge places and activities:

1.Painting and drawing

2.Photography and photo-editing


4.Cake baking

5.A night walk

6.Reading a book

7.Coffee time (goes well with chocolate)

8.Art Galleries

9.Libraries and Bookstores

10.New City Exploration


It would be really nice to see what’s on yours, so feel free to share in the comments…

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