New series with E.

Ever since last year, with the start of the ‘Ichtys’ project I’ve realised I would like to do more Art Photography.

Recently I’ve approached a new genre and below are the results of my first photo project of similar nature that I’ve ever done. I was aiming for very subtle, complementing light. I’ve chosen the garments to be in the more neutral palette – creams and blacks, and a little dark green. When I went out on the look for some of them I realised how incredibly difficult/impossible it’s to get cream suspenders in a small town, haha. For inspiration I was looking at oil paintings portraying women –  artworks where there is atmosphere of intimacy (a cosy and private, relaxed atmosphere), low lighting and gentleness of the poses.

I hope you would like the result, feel free to comment with your thoughts and as I say, this is something new and recommendations are most welcome.

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