Silvena Naive Art Now Launched

Dear friends… I am so excited and there is just so much I would like to share with you that I find it difficult to put into words.

Today I make a big leap for my little art venture. I am opening my new web page and online shop.

I’ve put my heart and soul into creating every single element of these imaginary words and I cannot describe the gratitude I feel for you supporting me and following my adventures.

Some people look at my art and say ‘These are so dark…?’ to which I usually respond: ‘There is no darkness but ignorance.’ (Willaim Shakespeare) And indeed art is meant to pose questions, make you feel and experience something very unique, very personal that’s often irrational. An essential part of understanding art is empathy. Because art does not need to be understood or accepted, it just needs to be felt.

Without the Leamington Studio Artists and East Lodge Gallery looking at my ‘Moth’ painting couple of years ago and seeing something different and worth showing to others; without the words of encouragement from friends and family; without the black cat Shadow always making me company when I paint (and simultaneously trying to steal my brushes); without Chrome Yellow Arts Ltd finding nice homes for my greeting cards; without the weird and wonderful people (artists, colleagues, art lovers, fair and exhibition organisers, passers-by) I had the fortune to meet, my Naive Art Paintings would have never seen the daylight, the sun that shines from within.


Special thanks to: Judith Layhe-Cook; Grace Newman; UK Artists; Contemporary Arts Fair Discover:Gather:Give; Suminder Virk; Maria Sheovska aka Maria Hopper Art; Carole Sleight Ne Gilligan; Valeria Tsvetanova; Natalia Toshkova; Svetlozar Zhelev; AJ Reeves; Helena Reeves; Nantarat Srirat Amos; Jason Amos; Milagros Kuga; Charlotte Chaz White; Tiffany Justice; Monika Korendova; Yoana Korendova; Leisa Swain; and all my page followers.

Don’t ever let anyone tell “You can’t make it, it’s madness”. Believe in you. Enjoy the madness.

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