My Dark Companion – Solo Exhibition

December 30, 2017 – January 11, 2018 | Floor One Gallery | Rugby Hall of Fame | Little Elborow Street, CV21 3BZ Rugby, Warwickshire

Really excited to be  preparing my first solo exhibition.

We all have this inner voice, a ‘dark companion’, speaking to us. It’s the secrets, the fears, the hopes and our most precious personal thoughts which define who we are and justify our life choices. The ‘dark companion’ whispers our subconscious desires to our conscious self and thus forms a delicate balance. This voice is neither good nor evil in nature – it’s a powerful energy within us which drives us forward – and we have the strength to define in which direction it will lead us.

I would like to show the beauty and power of art and imagination to transform people’s lives. I aim to connect with the visitors via the vibrance of colours and fantasy stories and to make them feel, experience, question, seek and find something very personal looking through their own experience.

More of my works can be viewed on

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