Sympathetic Magic

Yesterday I went to see Neil Moore‘s exhibition ‘Sympathetic Magic’ at Slate Art Gallery in Leamington Spa. It’s on until 1st February 2018: not to be missed. The address is 44 Oxford Street, CV32 4RA.

Neil’s artworks reveal to me the intensity of the struggle of the creative spirit, the inner conflict between the strive of the soul to lift itself and flee towards its Eden and the tearing pain of the falls, the shadows of the bars behind which it’s trapped in a dark and macabre place. I’m grateful I had the chance to immerse myself in the magnificent power of the battle of inner demons transforming the physical self and moulding reality. For me this spell-bounding collection of drawings is about the crossroads, the crucifixion and resurrection of your inner being. It’s having the eyes to read the signs along the way.

*All artworks are copyright of the artist Neil Moore.

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