Nettle Tea

As I was drinking Nettle tea this morning I remembered the fairytale about the ‘Wild Swans‘, perhaps an idea for one of my future artworks. I absolutely adored the illustrations in this child book I had. At the time I had little idea what any of the stories was secretly telling me, but now looking back, I can clearly see how much inspiration a beautiful fantasy can give you. I see this fairytale as a story about the strength of the human spirit, the belief and stamina to pursue your dream no matter how painful it can be. There will always be times when you are misunderstood, but as long as you keep your inner fire burning that will be your guiding light, persistence is key.

I am really excited as I would be taking part in Leamington’s Art in The Park Festival 2018 at Jephson Gardens in August. I do have an emotional attachment to this particular event as it was my first public display of my artworks. You will find me at The Artist Village Gazebos on Archery lawn. It’s a fun-filled and creative weekend festival of art, crafts, live arts demonstrations, performance, music and dance. I hope to show some of my new original artworks and my newly launched limited print editions. I look forward to seeing you there!

Yesterday I popped up to LOTT and left some more cards and the original painting ‘Dark Fairy‘ which you will have the chance to see from Tuesday next week. The lady there told me about the Motorbike fest that took place last year. It’s on the same weekend when ‘Art in The Park’ takes place, so if you are planning the day you can pop to have a look there too. Apparently she used to do motorbike racing (How cool is that!).

On my way back to town I got in to see the ‘AMA Exhibition‘ at the Lodge on the entrance of Jephson Gardens. To be very frank it made me sad, it was really small compared to last year and some of the artworks have been previously displayed at other events. I didn’t even submit anything this year and for the same reason I didn’t submit for the LSA Photography Exhibition – they always put the submission day on a weekday which I find somewhat frustrating.

I also got into ‘Arts Trail‘ new Gallery  which I think is a really nice venue for art display. The old Post Office building with the high walls really suits this re-purposed space. I did enjoy their current ‘Members Exhibition’.  The entrance is free and it’s definitely worth visiting. : )

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