In front of me

”I decided I didn’t want to express other artist’s ideas any longer. I wanted to paint what was in front of me.” – Philip Pearlstein

Last week my good friends Maria and Jina invited me to join them in London for a visit of the Saatchi Gallery. We visited ‘Known Unknowns‘ which gives you some of food for thought, perhaps the best ‘coverage’ of the exhibition is the one in the Wall Street Journal, I felt the journalist has managed to capture the true spirit and meaning behind the exhibition in an impressively short format. I’ve made some quick snaps of elements I liked but there if definitely a space for discovery for every artist.

What impressed me most was ‘Salon 004: Philip Pearlstein‘, so much richness in his artworks, so many little details expressed in beautiful bright and bold colours. What I personally felt about these paintings is that they look surreal and somehow mundanely real at the same time. The compositions and the quirkiness of the decor contribute to this sensation for an alternative reality, however the recognition of familiar patterns throughout make you imagine it as an actual apartment space with its unique combination of colourful carpets and wooden sculptures. The models are somehow entangled naturally in this fascinating composition and the feeling of ease and quiet reflection settles in most of them. These were my first initial impressions of the work of Pearlstein and I didn’t know that his paintings were causing a stir at the time, I suppose we easily forget the kind of creative freedom that the current time gifts us.

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