Made with heart

I’ve written before about local arts and crafts and the magic they bring to your everyday life. So, this morning while I was pouring my coffee into a beautiful mug with Sarah Horne’s Botanical Art illustration on, I thought there is so much more to say. I first discovered Sarah’s art on a walk in Jephson Gardens jus a day after ‘Art In The Park’ festival about 3-4 years ago. I saw this enchanted swing made of three branches and entangled flowers that was like from another world. Then I discovered she keeps the flower shop on 86 Warwick Street in Leamington. On my first year exhibiting at Art in The Park she had a stand opposite mine where I actually saw her creating some of her ink drawings. It’s really the best feeling when you can see a local artist grow. I was at her recent store opening at House of Fraiser in town where she introduced her textile and tableware collection. It has so much more character than those mass produced household items you buy at the big retail stores, it has a meaning, a story, a soul.

Partly these thoughts were brought by a saddening decision to leave my stand at LOTT Bazaar, a cheerful new venture for artists and crafters in the local area where they can display and sell their creations. I hope that another artists who lives nearby would be able to take advantage of this creative space. Perhaps it just isn’t the right fit for my art at this time. However, I am still holding my Warwickshire Open Studios 2018 there and details about dates and time can be found here. Really looking forward to creating more art at their bright demonstration space right next to the display window and to meeting more friends, old and new. My postcards are now exclusively available through Chrome Yellow Arts in Leamington Spa or if there is a card you cannot find there, just drop me a line.

At LOTT one of the ladies that holds a stand makes the most charming knitted toys that you can ever find – pink penguins with scarfs and hats, little ladybug with a charming smile, cute rabbits in all sort of colours – they just brought me me back to childhood, I don’t know why but they somehow remind me to the story of ‘Maya The Bee‘.

You can discover the creations of a contemporary artist not only at local art events such as Art In The Park, Warwickshire Open Studios and Contemporary Arts Fair, there are plenty of ‘hand-made’ websites such as Etsy or ‘UK Artists‘. Or even, better if you find artists at their own websites or Social Media pages where they show you the beauty of their creative process.

When you are buying something from a contemporary artist, it transforms you. It transforms their life too. I cannot possibly describe the feeling when someone feels an instant connection with one of your artworks. You feel fulfilled and motivated, like lit from within. It’s a transferrable energy that works both ways. Having something unique which speaks to your soul is precious. You know when you go to the seaside, you take a long walk along the beach-line and just towards the end of your journey next to the rocks you discover a special shaped shell that you take with you as a memory of the sea, the sand, the wind, the freedom. And when you give this shell as a gift to someone, that someone knows that they have something noone else has. That’s how I think contemporary art and craft should make you feel.

Few years ago I discovered a beautiful hand-made wooden easel on Etsy by a lady who handcrafts them in Russia. I instantly fell in love with it. During that time that I’ve been saving to buy it I could have easily bought any other easel from a mass on-line retailer, it would have been a lot quicker, more convenient, cheaper. But it would not have been the same.

Speaking of beautiful hand-crafted pieces of art, if you haven’t already, feel free to visits Armando Magnino‘s beautiful work. I’ve had the chance to see his intelligent and imaginative furniture creations at some of the local art festivals. And I couldn’t have said it better than himself: ‘Commissioning a bespoke piece of furniture allows you to be part of the process of creating something that is not only functional but has a story and a meaning.’

How about you? Do you have any favourite local artists? Feel free to share in the comments… : )

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