Apple Moths in a Quandary

I wrote this last week, but just only got around to publishing it:

Do you ever find yourself in a quandary? All of a sudden you become listless to all those little everyday rituals you used to enjoy… Do you find that your ‘to-do’ lists keeps adding things on and the only short satisfaction that you feel is from ticking off tasks of that list? And then, is the process of completing them meaningful enough to fill your soul with lightness or does it still remain heavy… ironically there is nothing heavier than an emptiness…

Today, as the sun is shining for a first time in what seems like a decade, you know you should open yourself, breathe in, breathe out… you know you should. Do you like spending time with yourself only? Are you a good company for yourself? More questions than answers, it seems.

I’ve recently completed ‘Apple moths in a quandary’ painting. It’s a about a place where we can often find ourselves…. and hopefully find our way back.

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