Silent Time

I love it when it’s so quiet early in the morning you can hear your own thoughts. It’s usually after Shadow has woken me up at five to get his portion and then retired upstairs to sleep on the sofa in the spare room. You can only feel distant muted noises and the aroma of a radiator-warmed up carpet in the living room embraces your semi-asleep self in a comforting hug. Sometimes you don’t even realise how much you need these ‘stop-time’ moments. In the parking lot, just before starting the day, a fragment of time to breathe, realise and just be.

I went to ‘Stratford Art Fair‘ yesterday. You can still visit as it’s on today. My favourites from the exhibits were the bronze sculptures by Alsion Bell. Also, really pleased I had the chance to see in real life this painting by Judith Yates Arts. And the works of Louise Rawlings did make me smile. After my visit I am even more impatient for ‘Open Studios‘ which is my next art-venture. I came back inspired and created three miniature paintings which will be available only on fairs. A moth, a cat on a fence and a sepia : ) Hope you like them, haha


Last week I also did a photo-shoot for a local actor to build his portfolio for movies. Below are some of the portraits I took.

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