The World Out There

Sometimes life is like a theatre play that you look forward to seeing but when you arrive at the venue you realise you’ve mistakenly booked the wrong performance. You do feel devastated but you still get in, sit quietly in the dark waiting for it to start; expecting to be frustrated. However, it turns out that even though you didn’t choose that experience, it’s a delight to the senses and it makes you feel truly lucky to have had the chance to make the wrong choice. That happened to me recently : ) )

I haven’t written much lately. I think I would like to see more; make my words more round before they spill in the shape of digital ink letters. So I went to enjoy the creations of others and nourished my soul with colours, shapes and stories.

The exhibitions I had the pleasure to visit were ‘The shape of light’ at Tate Modern, the member’s exhibition at the Royal Society of Watercolour Painters and ‘Skin’ at Artifex Gallery.

The theatre plays ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Oh!What a lovely war!’ were really special not only because of the creative energy and input that was shining through but also because it’s the best feeling to see the dedication and passion of my friends Maria and Lorenzo come to life.

In terms of my art, I’ve been working on a moth painting which I’ve recently completed. It’s rather colourful and in contrast to the one I’ve finished before which was more from the dark side, haha

I don’t have much confirmed yet for the winter but I’m doing a Christmas Faye in Leamington on the 9th December, will be sharing details soon. I also managed to (wait for it!) crack the sink by dropping one of my paintbrush jars in it (which actually remained untouched) so that came with all the joys of a whole Saturday spent in repairs. So, my artist friends, please do share what you think the moral of the story is? : )

Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

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