Colourful Mind

I’ve started my first fund-raising page in support of the mental Health Charity Mind. For it, I’ve donated a 100 of my colourful post cards and 100% of the funds raised will go to the charitable cause. So far, it has reached 30% of the target and I really hope for this to increase by Christmas. The cost of a post card is £3 and they can be purchased from the Just Giving website or directly from me.  Once purchased online, if you would like one sent to you, please add additional £2 to allow for UK mainland postage and e-mail your postal address to I would like to use the opportunity to thank all who have supported me so far, it really means so much!

Last week I had the chance to create another little mermaid, the name of the painting is ‘Omen’.

Yesterday I enjoyed a visit to The Contemporary Art Fair Windsor. It was an inspirational journey through a variety of styles and I was pleased to discover a few new favourites to follow. One of the artworks  that caught my eye was ‘The Only One in The Universe‘ by Ginny Skinner.

I particularly liked the work of Sarah Dalton who shared she lives far away in Scotland at a place that very much looks like the landscapes on her artworks.


‘My aim is to create a sense of place; not a literal one; but one that conjures up an atmosphere or a feeling.’ – Sarah Dalton

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