Home is where the Art is…

I seem to have started this post a while ago and left it as ‘draft’, so I decided to keep the title : ) I had an interesting start to the year, and got to the second stage for the selection for the annual exhibition of Royal Society of Watercolour Painters. Didn’t get any further though, however not bad for first attempt. Will try again next year.

I’ve returned to my large painting of a mermaid which was a bit left out, I just had to feel right in order to start working on it again and one day I just got back that feeling that was required for adding more to it. It’s nearly finished. Some may say it looks complete. I am still to decide that, I am thinking it may need a little more.


Before the ‘mighty’ mermaid I’ve been working on series of mini mermaid paintings which have gone in some quite interesting directions. Working on small scale always stimulates me to add more details, really tiny details and various elements, while working on large scale seems to be somehow the opposite. I’ve also finished a painting called ‘Dancing in the showwhich started as a tribute to ‘Dancing In The Rain’ but instead there is snow falling down. I am fascinated by the reflections that streetlights cast on quiet snowy nights and how the snowflakes spiral down the glittering pavement and melt soundlessly. Another painting I worked on was ‘Lest we forget‘ which was inspired from a dream and is linked to Remembrance Day. You can see most of my recent originals here.

During my trip for collecting my artworks from London I took advantage of the day and spent most of it on three places – a huge 4-storey bookstore (Waterstones on Trafalgar Square), massive art materials shop (The London Graphic Centre) and painting in St.James Park (just after visiting the Royal Pastel Society Exhibition at Mall Galleries). Needless to say I came back with beautiful blocks of paper for watercolour paintings, tiny brushes, empty bank account and heart full of inspiration.

I don’t have much lined up ahead for this year in terms of exhibiting. However, I would be at Art in The Park again on 3-4th August and you would be able to find me at the LSA tent and would love to see you there.

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