Heaven Upside Down

As we head into a second national lockdown and the days are shorter, darker and colder, I can not ignore the feeling of having this dark shadow upon us and the need to find hope, strength and things to look forward to.

There is one tricky bit about getting help from organisations whose mission is to help people who are struggling with their emotional well-being. You have to want that help. Even just a little. You need you to save you from you. You need to take this helping hand let it guide you out of the tunnel.

Samaritans : 116 123

Mind : 0 123 3393 or text 86463

Sometimes talking to someone helps you get a new perspective on things, helps you understand your feelings better, accept them and move on.

We are placed in an universe that’s more connected than ever and even though we often find ourselves in places that are so void of presence and meaning. As with my experiment with virtual reality ‘Second Life’ on which I wrote and article as a student, you can feel alone and isolated in a digital world, just as like in the real world because it’s up to you to make meaningful interactions.

And then – just like you when staring into an abyss, waiting (hoping) to hear a familiar voice, there is someone out there waiting for you to reach out and ready to listen. But you have to make that first step.

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