Had to google the word ‘thankfulness’ to check if I didn’t just made it up. I never heard of it being used in conversation, I’m more familiar with the word ‘gratitude’ but the sound of ‘thank-ful-ness’ is so much closer tho what I want to express right now. It’s because I feel it resembles by sound, expression and content a greater range of emotion. Firstly it’s the ‘thank you’, then it’s the ‘fullness’ – a heart full of warmth and last but not least, it ending on ‘ness’ reminds me somehow of the word ‘mindfulness’. And it does miraculously all three.

So, I got two postcard pack orders in the last two days and have also found a loving homes for a few of my keyholders. And let me tell you – it’s true every time you buy from a small business a real person does a happy dance (I know for sure at least I do, haha). I went racing on my bike towards the post office today to deliver one of the packages… seriously, if I was having orders every day I’d be as fit as a fiddle, hih!

I’m also trying, as much and where possible, to re-use or use recyclable packaging. Hopefully it will do some good. It’s such a great joy packing greeting cards, artworks and prints. It’s almost like a goodwill ritual that I hope will make someone smile and will make them feel appreciated.

Thank you, everyone who has supported me for the kindness in words (written and spoken), for your actions, inspiration and example. Take care of yourselves, sending you positive energy.

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