The Grinch season…

We all know that Christmas is not just gathering with your family to eat festive lunch. It’s the quality time you spent with your close ones that you don’t usually get to see that often. It’s my memory of me and nan making star-shaped and moon-shaped cookies. The baking of the traditional bread with lucky charms, the walk with grandad to choose a Christmas tree and then taking all the glittery toys out of the old boxes and putting them on. It’s that ring/knock on the door of a mystery Father Christmas always conveniently leaving before you catch a glimpse of him and leaving the presents by the door. It’s the sound of the wind bashing at the windows, coming down the chimney and the warmth of the stove, the quiet rumbling of the burning wood inside. All our christmases are different because they are a very personal experience.

I’ve not had Christmas with my mum, dad and my grandparents for 10 years now and counting. Since I moved to England, we took a collective family decision not to travel in winter. It seemed the wise choice as airports are jammed and if there is too much snow flights are delayed or cancelled. One would say I am okay as I’m used to it. But does one ever get used not seeing close ones, not spending time with them? And every time you do see them, it’s even harder saying ‘goodbye’ as you don’t really know when you’d see them next or you do know it’s going to be a while.

So I hope you’d be good to yourself this season. Treat yourself any way you can, be gentle, discover little things that can make you keep moving forward. Hope has been delayed, but it should be on its way… Big hug!

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