The subtle art of feeling Zen…

You never get the sense of time running out so badly than when things are standing still. It’s a very anxious feeling. Of things that you could or should or would be doing. Of all those projects that are not happening.

This should have been a very productive art year for me. I mean, I’ve never had more time to create at home after work or on the weekends than before. And still it’s not. I just have not been feeling very creative.

I think perhaps the art display by my house I set up for people on their quarantine walk has kept me busy, and I’ve really been trying to put new artwork there every day. I’m grateful for having that. I’ve upgraded it to a waterproof one so that no day is missed and the rain can’t stop me now.

It’s just that feeling… that it’s not enough. That is should be more. Do you get that? A year with not many milestones easily gets lost in the sands of time. Or at least March onwards.

So as we approach the closing chapter of 2020 (the year that should not be named), I’m trying to recall my art-venture highlights. It might even cheer me up.

1.Art lessons with my talented and witty scholar up to March – we created some ‘cool, epic stuff’ as she’d call it and we had a few laughs along the way.

2.I got accepted to ABNA.

3.I’ve had the great opportunity to meet virtually Jan, Melanie , Judy and Jim from ABNA and take interviews with some of them.

4.I’ve become more eco-conscious with a few changes round the house and my art packaging too.

5.UK Artists Annual exhibition participation at Royal Priors in Leamington Spa.

6.The Crancarch Exhibition at Compton Verney.

7.Scarecrow Trail and the making of a giant moth and The Musicians of Bremen.

8.I painted ‘The Heart is a Closed Lotus‘ and it sold a few weeks after that at the Temparance lockdown art exhibition. ‘Untouchables‘ drawing sold too.

9.I painted three bigger size artworks – ‘Rainbow Mermaid‘, ‘Spectre Embrace’ and ‘Stronger Than This‘.

10. I continued creating my mini series with ‘Blue Mushrooms‘, ‘Safe Passage‘, ‘The Sign‘ and ‘Undercurrent‘ added to the colleaction.

Well, putting this together just now, that’s not my New Years Resolution list from 2019, but it’s not as bad as I thought either. Huge thanks to all the lovely people who have supported my art-ventures this year in so many ways – whether it’s a kind word, a like, a share, a postcard, drawing, original or print purchase – you keep me going! And every little thing has made a difference to me. So thank you!!!

Now, take look at yourself, browse through your photos from this year, find your small but significant victories and brighten up because you’ve earned it.

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