Your everyday-scapes are your magic escapes, your extra realities in your home environment. Surround yourself with beautiful things, with meaningful things, and you will see your inner home of the soul filled with lightness and warmth.

I believe that the living space affects your mindset and can often even have the power to paint the colour of some of your feelings. No matter where I’ve lived through the years I’ve always tried to make the space somehow ‘mine’ and enhance it with the presence of items that talk, sing or whisper to my innermost in various ways, to lullaby the room walls into the feeling of being at home.

Art is dynamic like us. The same way we are not the same people when looking at art a few seconds, days, months, years apart; art is changing its meaning, transforming with us and our life experience and emotions. A bit alike a book that you read few years apart, you keep on finding things you didn’t notice before and you now see the same characters and their experiences from a whole new perspective.

Do you agree? What makes your everyday-scape special and unique?

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