Pack full of pinecones

I was walking on the street one day, with a backpack pull of pinecones, and I was feeling like it was full of gold! It was the biggest, warmest inner smile filling my inner being with lightness.

I’ve been doing a lot of walking this year, especially after in February I doubled my steps count and took part in Cancer Research UK ‘Walk All Over Cancer‘ challenge where my page raised £300 thanks to all amazing supporters. I feel eternally grateful for their encouragement and generosity. Walking has been great for my my mind and soul, it has helped me think things through, be closer to nature, explore new routes, keep moving and developing.

One of my relatives was taken to the hospital with broken bones about a week ago. Makes you feel pretty sad and useless, especially as flying over at the moment is hugely problematic and would mean putting other family members who are vulnerable at huge risk. I wrote them a card, I just keep thinking and keep hoping…

I’ve kept the lockdown display outside my house, different artwork every day has been challenging but certainly a good practice and if it brings a smile to even just one person who walks past, it’s all worth the while.

Andy Farr shared some great news that the painting of me he created as part of lockdown-themed series ‘Waiting and Isolation’ has just been bought and is going to a wonderful new home. He has started working on a new one with myself and Shadow which will be exhibited soon. The two photographs, on which it is based, were also created during the first lockdown as part of a self-portrait quarantine challenge.

I guess, what I’m trying to say ultimately is… hold on to your pinecone moments, they are rare, unexpected and the real treasure…

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