First steps

January proves to be exciting month so far, I absolutely loved our shoot last week with my model from ‘Queen of Frogs’ project. The make-up was done by Charlotte White and even though it was her first time creating art on someone else than herself I would say she did work on professional level. We had […]

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Keep it up

January is almost half way through and I feel some new energy to create this year which I hope to keep for the months ahead. I have just got out of my depression period in terms of my art and I think doing more ‘dark’ type of shoots is truly my thing. Of course I […]

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Cold as ice

I know it’s truly Winter when I get home and half of my fingers are pale blue and the other half yellow from freezing. For a person who is always cold, even in mid Summer, such freezing days are a real challenge. I can’t even remember where I’ve put my gloves, and I am pretty sure next […]

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Post on Bonfire Night

Ah, haven’t written in a while, have I? Winter is here and I did change the skin of my website  to white. Hope you, guys, like it. I had fun on Halloween as you can see from my Instagram, proud to say that whichever place we entered everyone was turning and whispering ‘OMG, that’s really creepy’. […]

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20s Photo Shoot

This weekend we visited friends of ours – Sai and Jason. Sai is starting her own business making beautiful bridal accessories. She has planned a Great Gatsby styled shoot to display her first collection on her future website. Me and Maria with which we work on Love Heart Photo and actually photographed Sai and Jason’s […]

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