Recently it feels like I have been in a way demotivated and blaming it on the weather is not the way.  I came to realise that the problem is that what I truly want is to create photography art. It’s like so far I have been looking for my way, like I have done a lot […]

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Keep it up

January is almost half way through and I feel some new energy to create this year which I hope to keep for the months ahead. I have just got out of my depression period in terms of my art and I think doing more ‘dark’ type of shoots is truly my thing. Of course I […]

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One World Week

On Saturday I was shooting for the promotion of One World Week Fashion Show – ‘Imaginarium’ –  held by University of Warwick. I feel blessed as I have been selected for their official photographer and sponsor for 2015. The fashion show photo-shoot was based around 4 themes:  Alegria – clowns, Amaluna – romantic, Temarario – daredevils, Zaia – animal prints. The models were students who […]

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Moda 2013 in NEC

Quite interesting overview by Eric Musgrave from Fashion Association of Britain (FAB) and independent fashion retailers Lyn Wiltshire of Loula Lingerie and Natalie Peters of Amabo Boutique. No surprises so far, the recession naturally makes people try to spend less. Brands that have won their loyalty, especially in the elder womenswear category, are turning to […]

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