Sleepless Dust

Six weeks ago I went to the doctors with symptoms of high temperature, sore throat and eventually cough. At that time they’ve only just started talking about the virus and they were only concerned about people who have recently been to a specific province in China. I went there with a mask (which my mum […]

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The Art of Neil Moore

I met Neil Moore at my first ever art exhibit at the Town Hall in Leamington. When he handed me his business card I mistakenly thought the beautiful picture of a lady in a lake with lilies was was a photograph as it looked so stunningly real that I was shocked by the realisation it […]

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Shadows on the water

The TEAM: This photo-shoot was a true delight! I had the please to meet the charming and gifted designer Jenni from Sparklewren¬†and work again with the lovely Matilda from Kokoberi. And of course, I enjoyed the company of two beauties – Maria and Eli who did a great job modelling and bringing the ideas to […]

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