Recently I let things get to me. Things that wouldn’t normally… Not sure if it’s that Christmas approaching or the fact that I am searching for a way to be true to myself and my art and I feel I’ve lost the track at the moment… or maybe a combination of everything… Life is like […]

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Kokoberi Photo Shoot

Photo: Maria preparing for the shoot I’ve been in a lot of pain recently and in such moments art calms me down and gives me motivation to create and look forward to what lies ahead. I kept myself busy during this weekend shooting a leaving party on Saturday and having a long-planned fashion photo-shoot for […]

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May Update

Dear friends, I have been quite silent recently due to some health problems and the inability of the doctors for two weeks to give me a diagnosis and better solution than painkillers and even stronger painkillers. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.  I would like to share some of my recent creative work called “Between […]

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