Post on Bonfire Night

Ah, haven’t written in a while, have I? Winter is here and I did change the skin of my website  to white. Hope you, guys, like it. I had fun on Halloween as you can see from my Instagram, proud to say that whichever place we entered everyone was turning and whispering ‘OMG, that’s really creepy’. […]

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Photo Season

I think summer is the best time to get published, by this time of the year(June) biggest magazines are already taking the submissions for their Autumn issues! I just got published in “Like a Lion“, an Australian print and digital magazine with our Sun-Kissed shoot. I am waiting to get published in 5 more magazines […]

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Summer in UK

The best thing about summer is there are so many events, opportunities for shoots, places to visit, people to see. During last week I managed to visit The Thirteen Graduate Fashion Show of Coventry University, make an improvised shoot with a friend of mine, learn that our SunKissed  shoot will be published in Australian Magazine, […]

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