Festive vibes

It finally feels like Autumn is here to stay. I love the mild sunshine in the sunsets, the streets decorated with red, orange, brown, maroon and deep yellow fallen leafs storing sweet scent of nectar. It’s like the nature is dressed in nostalgia dancing with the wind under the subtle melody of fallen raindrops. I […]

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Avoiding the villain: model advice

I have now been networking with creatives from the Fashion and Art industry for over 7 years and I see quite frequently in my newsfeed ‘warnings’ from models about an unprofessional or even abusive behaviour from some photographers. Being faced with domestic abuse in the past myself, I am extremely sensitive to any form of violence […]

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Cold as ice

I know it’s truly Winter when I get home and half of my fingers are pale blue and the other half yellow from freezing. For a person who is always cold, even in mid Summer, such freezing days are a real challenge. I can’t even remember where I’ve put my gloves, and I am pretty sure next […]

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May Update

Dear friends, I have been quite silent recently due to some health problems and the inability of the doctors for two weeks to give me a diagnosis and better solution than painkillers and even stronger painkillers. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.  I would like to share some of my recent creative work called “Between […]

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Photo Season

I think summer is the best time to get published, by this time of the year(June) biggest magazines are already taking the submissions for their Autumn issues! I just got published in “Like a Lion“, an Australian print and digital magazine with our Sun-Kissed shoot. I am waiting to get published in 5 more magazines […]

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Bathtub Shoot

I am extremely excited for this Saturday’s bathtub shoot with Andra Colcer and Natalia Marszalek. I wanted to do a similar project for such a long time! I even once did a bathtub shoot but not really in the romantic vision that they are usually styled. It was more horror/macabre thing, lol. Hmmm, let me […]

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