How are you doing?

‘Morning! How are you?’ – this was the greeting that I recall as my first cultural shock when I arrived in the UK to do my Masters Degree. I think it’s not really a shock, more like cultural amazement and it’s a little embarrassing, haha. So this question (I thought it was a question as […]

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Locked In

I really feel for those of you who are currently in a dark place due to lockdown. I’ve been dreaming a lot of crazy stuff lately and not sleeping much, it’s all reflection of trying to make sense of everything happening. We have to remember it will be okay, soon or later it will be. […]

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Turn on the light

I know as much as you, getting forward is a question of trial and error. It’s how it’s been with my photography from the very beginning. Not having academic photography background or sufficient resources to invest in photography lessons, I did what I could with what I had. I’ve done in the past photography in […]

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