Summer drift

I am back from holiday with two new shoots for my Ichtys series on the editing list and one more planned for next week. To say my cat was happy to see me is an understatement and same goes for me although he very quickly got back to his mischievous mode. I was also pleasantly […]

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It’s been wonderfully strange two weeks I think. I celebrated my birthday with a tea party at home, probably  a sure sign I am getting older. I was delighted to see so many of my friends all on once place and spend some time chatting away, which as you may have noticed, doesn’t happen so […]

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Lavender Fields Forever

Last Sunday our friends Sai and Jason took us to the Cotswold Lavender fields where we briefly took  some photographs for Sai’s new Everlasting Love collection. The accessories are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! Good news is she has also started making hats which can be worn on various occasions. I did offer to model for the shoot and sacrificed […]

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Photo Season

I think summer is the best time to get published, by this time of the year(June) biggest magazines are already taking the submissions for their Autumn issues! I just got published in “Like a Lion“, an Australian print and digital magazine with our Sun-Kissed shoot. I am waiting to get published in 5 more magazines […]

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